Content Management Systems…

So what makes a good content management system...?

Are all of them created equal...?

Are there good ones or bad ones or expensive ones and cheap ones...?

Russell Says - very good questions...!

Not all content management systems (CMS's) are created equal - just because you have one (or are offered one in your latest web design quotation) it doesn't mean it is the best for you - or your customers...

Remember you customers...? They should be the primary concern when you engage with this "web stuff" if they do not find the information they want from your web site - then they will go elsewhere,

So a CMS should help you in providing the tools that:

  1. gets potential customers into the web site
  2. converts visitors into customers, and
  3. services existing customers better - and encourages them to purchase again (or more) from you

Let me know what you think below...

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