An updated site – equals a better trafficked web site...

Sounds obvious but exactly how does this work…?

May 2008 - Update

One of the key issues when you update you web site is that Google (and the other search engines ;-) see that the site has been updated - so therefore will visit in roughly the same time frame as your updates.

Think about this:-

Update the web site annual (ie once per year) - the spiders that load the search engines will visit once per year

Update the site every week - the spiders will visit each and every week

All the search engines like web sites to grow over time - in usefulness and key work weight - does yours...?

End update

Google changes its algorithms from time to time as to what relevance it gives to various components of a web page and recently Google introduced a weighting based on how often a web site gets updated. The more frequent the updates the better the search engine ranking.

Other search engines seem to be doing the same – and it looks like it’s the front page of the web site that is most important but the number of total pages in the web site would be a good thing to grow over time. So use the front page to let visitors know that other parts of the web site have been updated.

There’s lots of things happening in most businesses – new products and services, new markets or simply new ways to promote what you do – all of these things would result in a need to change or add to the information on your web site.

With a commitment to provide new information on your web site you are encouraging your web visitors to return – and if the information on your web site is valuable to the web visitor then they could become your virtual sales staff and tell others about your web site – a definite benefit.

Many of us I’m sure have re-visited a web site after some time passed and found nothing changed – like an unloved garden and unloved web site my just shrivel up and die too…!

If you’d like to see how easy it is to maintain and add to the content of your web site – have a look at e-c Internet Solutions content management system.

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