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Why we code to a "standard"...
A great read from Jakob Nielson...
A couple of points: -

People spent more than twice as much time looking at the left side of the page as they did the right:

Left half of screen: 69% of viewing time
Right half of screen: 30% of viewing time

Simply put: Stick to the conventional layout, because it works perfectly with how people look at Web pages:

Keep navigation all the way to the left. This is where people look to find a list of current options.
Keep the main content a bit further in from the left.
The most important stuff should be showcased between one-third and halfway across the page. This is where users focus their attention the most.
Keep secondary content to the right. It won't be seen as much here, but that's okay not everything can get top billing, and you need a place to put less-important material.

And this to finish with (couldn't say it better myself ;-)

In any case, you deviate from conventional layout at your peril: When users initially approach your page, they'll spend considerable time looking for something where they expect to find it. Users are therefore more likely to succeed if you comply with those expectations, rather than putting information in unconventional locations, where they might not think to look.

And, when your customers are more successful using your site, you are more successful meeting your business goals. Following Web usability conventions means making more money.

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