New NZ Transport Agency Scam found

There's a new email scam targeted to NZ web users
The text of the email reads:-


Billing Information

Dear Customer,

Did you recently change your bank, address details or driver licence?

To ensure that your service is not interrupted, please update your address information today by clicking here, After a few clicks, just verify the information you entered is correct.

NZTA Services Team

P.S. Enable links in this message and click on it, do not copy and past the link. You have to change your details (If this message appear as a spam, please click on "Not Spam" to become able to see it
© 2010 NZTA. All rights reserved.

The clickable link goes to :-


1) Don't click the link - else they will know that you are a valid email address - and that you click on things you shouldn't

2) Always hover the links in emails that you unsure of and your email program should show you the link before you click it - in this case you can see it's not from a email address...

3) Delete the email...

(And keep practising safe computer...!


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