Hi I'm Russell Holland
e-vangelist with e-c Internet Solutions

It's a big claim - being an "internet evangelist"

Please note the "e" as in email, ecommerce or just plain "e" as in "everything internet" if what you do now doesn't have an online component you risk being the next dinosaur.

We can help you avoid that - Russell Holland....

Now here's some web history:-

How it came about is many of our customers come to us and say " I think my business needs a web site" or "My business coach has suggested I get a web site" - but they are really saying is:

"I want help in putting the word 'website' in my marketing plan"

or some of them:

"I want to put the word 'website' in my business plan"

So we help them to do this by being their "over the horizon" viewer of what the web can do today for them - and for you - and where it may go in the future - and help you prepare for that...

We sit down and suggest that we pretend that we won lotto last week and so this thinking removes (at least temporarily) budget from the discussion.

Then we talk abouthow the web works in general- then get tohow the web works in a typical sales and marketing sense- and then narrow down whatyoucould be doing on the web.

Now here's a treat - someone much better able than me to answer the question - just what the heck is Web 2.0:-

This web site covers some other aspects to having a web site, to using the web as a business tool - and why I'm hot (or not) on various technologies - I hope you enjoy reading the content and that you join us on our subscriptions list - and take an active role in the forums.

Cheers and thanks

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